Adjusting and Fitting New Wheels on a Sliding Aluminum Patio Door

The patio wheel adjusting screws are located at either end of the base section of the door. Some patio doors have a blanking plug covering the adjustment gap, evacuate the fitting and utilize a light to sparkle into the base section of the door to figure out where the screw is located and what sort of screw it is. There maybe two screws that are obvious, one is an adjustment screw and the other is a fixing screw that holds the patio frame together. Utilize a long screwdriver to turn the adjusting tighten a clockwise direction to raise the patio. Adjust the two wheels the same and check if the patio is level by almost shutting the door and taking note of the gap between the door and the frame. Adjust the wheels until the gap is even all the way down. You may need to move the door locking guardian on the frame after adjusting the wheels.

To replace the patio wheels the door must be expelled from the frame. Adjust the patio wheels down to the most reduced dimension by adhering to the instructions above however this time turn the wheel adjusting screws on the two doors anti clockwise. This will give you more space to evacuate the patio door. Contact your local Glazing company and check whether you can lease or acquire two glass lifting suckers from them, this will make the activity significantly easier.

Place the door on trestles and examine the patio wheels. It may be that they simply need cleaning and lubricating. In the event that they are damaged or the bearings have gone, you should replace them. Expel the two screws holding the base section of the frame. There is one screw either side of the base section. Once these have been evacuated the base section can be prized away from the remainder of the frame. Be careful not to switch against the glass or you could shatter it. At the point when the base section is clear from the remainder of the frame you will probably evacuate the wheels.